When my husband, a US Marine, left for Afghanistan last year, I decided to teach myself to sew to help pass the time. When I told my grandmother what I was doing she laughed and said I am just like my grandfather.

Dymant Designs is named after my late grandfather, Sam Dymant. He immigrated to America after WWII with his twin brother and only a few dollars to share between them. My grandfather, worked three jobs to provide for his family. He taught us all the value of hard work, dedication, and family. He was an amazing role model and is always my inspiration in everything I do.

Recently, I moved my sewing room into my grandfathers old workshop. Spending time there makes me think about all the time I spent with him while he was tinkering with random things.

During the day, you can find me working in Sales for a leading commercial printer in the NYC Metro area. Print has been my passion since I was 14. I love figuring out how to produce a complex or unique printed project, but now my love for print is shared with my love for sewing.

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